Nicaragua La Pradera Farm


Nicaragua La Pradera

Speciality Coffee

227 Grams

100% Arabica

Re-Sealable Pouch

SCAE Score 85/100

Light Roast


Tasting notes

This speciality coffee boasts a Peach and Orange velvet tone. The La Pradera farm has a moreish syrupy sweetness. A full bodied mouth feel with medium acidity and hints of toasted cashew nuts and sultanas - Our Tasters described this is as Sweet and Silky

We recommend drinking this as an espresso or espresso machiatto

Out testers have strength rated this as 3/5

Nicaragua Coffee



The farm boasts a spectacular view over the valley of Ocotal and is located on prime coffee growing land in a terrain that is often rugged and inhospitable.

Although numerous coffee farms dot the mountains around Dipilto, the topography tends to be quite steep and difficult to cultivate.

La Pradera, even at its highest point, presents a softer topography, with undulating hills and fertile pastureland.

In fact, this is how the finca earned its name: La Pradera, which means ‘The Prairie’ in English.

The farm covers around 43 hectares, 33 of which are planted with 100% shade-grown Caturra coffee.

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Diplito, Nueva Segovia
Farm: Finca La Pradera Farm
Altitude: 1450m above sea level
Botanical Species: Arabica 100% Red Caturra
Processing Method: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

Diplito, Nueva Segovia



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