Brazil Chapadao De Ferro


Brazil Chapadao de Ferro

Speciality Coffee

227 Grams

Re-Sealable Pouch

100% Arabica

SCAE Score 81/100

Light Roast


 Tasting notes


This Micro-lot has remarkable sweetness and balance characterised by demerara sugar and marzipan notes, low acidity, creamy mouth feel with prominent notes of cashew butter, sultanas and cocoa
We recommend drinking this as an espresso or espresso machiatto
Out testers have strength rated this as 3/5


Brazil Coffee Beans


In the centre of an extinct volcano in Patrocinio, Brazil, The Ruvaldo Delarisse family produces this natural, or sun-dried, coffee 12600 meters above sea level.
 The soil at Chapadao de Ferro is uniquely rich in iron, rendering the farm's name ("Plateau of Iron"), as well as a flavour that is similarly unique to this Cerrado, the eco-region. 
The Miaki Family sun-dries the coffee fruit off on concrete patios, which helps develop both body and sweetness in this coffee.

Country: Brazil
Region: Cerrado, Minas Gerais
Farm: Chapadao de Ferro
Altitude: 1260m above sea level
Annual Rainfall: 1600-2000mm
Average Temperature: 19º – 24º C
Botanical Species: Arabica
Processing Method: Natural Harvesting Period June to August

Minas Gerais

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