1. Is the Coffee Ethically Sourced and Fairtrade?

Yes. The Ethics and origin of our coffees is key to us both in terms of quality and sustainability. We will not even test coffees that are not Ethically sourced. Fairtrade is just one body for assessing the ethical status of the Coffee, In some cases the Coffee is certified by Fairtrade in some instances Coffee Ethics will be certified or traceable via an alternative body.  

2. How to I brew the perfect Espresso?

This is a difficult one.. First you need to have a great quality coffee.. But seriously there are many variables here.

1. Firstly make sure whatever you are brewing in is clean

2. Use approximately 7g of Coffee per single shot

3. You need the water to pass through the coffee for 25-30 seconds, so you will need to press the coffee to slow the water flowing through is - Baristas call this Tamping - you will need to play around with this

4. Espresso should be served hot - Please use a Water temperature of 90 degrees

5. Serve immediately.

This is not an exact science, experiment with the coffee by adjusting various elements of the recipe.
Tip 1. If your espresso tastes sharply acidic, try to make the grind size finer or increase the time it takes to brew by compacting the coffee more (tamping)
Tip 2. If the espresso tastes bitter, try to coarsen the grind size or shorten the time it takes to brew by compacting the coffee less (tamping)
Most importantly have fun experimenting!
3. Is it best to buy Whole Beans or ground?

We always recommend that you buy whole beans and grind just before use, this way you get the best brew, but if you cant grind we can do it for you.

4. How is your Coffee graded, whats makes it speciality Coffee?

All our Coffee us graded by a SCAE certified (The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) tester. All our Speciality coffees will Score over 80, SCAE Scoring is based on a Journey which considers the products all the way from seed to cup including the ethics. BTW - We also test it too, even if the SCAE scores 90+ we still trial everything we sell.