Moka Pot Brewing Guide

March 23, 2017

Cafetiere Brewing Guide

The Moka Pot Brewing Guide but first, a bit of history...

This device is also known as an Italian Coffee Maker & Stove Top Espresso Maker.....

The history of the Moka Pot began in 1918 when Alfonso Bialetti, returned home to Italy from France, where he had been working in the aluminium industry for 10 years, and set up a workshop making metal household goods. He got the idea for the Moka Pot from an early washing machine used by the French workers.

Before this, coffee machines allowed the hot water to drip over the coffee grounds to produce a weaker filter coffee. But the Moka Pot forced the water as steam through the grounds making a much stronger coffee.

How to use a Moka Pot

Firstly you need start with good materials - You can’t make a the best cup of coffee from second-rate coffee beans, so make sure you buy coffee beans from a reputable supplier. 


This is really simple and quick.

1. Fill the lower chamber with cold water

2. Grind your coffee beans so they are medium, fill the filter but dont compact this (tamping) though the Moka Pot will force the steam through the grind it will not ave sufficient pressure to do so through compacted beans so avoid tamping.

3. Screw the Top on - make sure its secure

4. Put the Moka Pot on the stove at a low heat - make sure the spout is not pointing towards you

5. Periodically check to see when the coffee starts to rise to the top of the pot, once it is finished there should be a little creme - once this is finished turn of the heat and move the pot away from the heat source.

6. Serve and clean the pot when its cooled down, don't use a dishwasher.


Its as simple as that. Get the Brew on.


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